Careerforce Privacy Policy

Privacy statement

Careerforce respects the privacy of visitors to our site. Careerforce will not sell or share any personal information to any third party without consent.

Careerforce may use the personal information you provide to:

  • contact you in response to a feedback or query you submitted, or to send newsletters or promotional material
  • undertake surveys or statistical analysis.


Careerforce resources (workbooks and learning guides) are subject to copyright.

All rights reserved. Careerforce (Community Support Services ITO Ltd) is the owner of the copyright of its resources. Other than as permitted by the Copyright Act 1994, no part of Careerforce workbooks or learning guides may be reproduced, copied or transmitted in any other form or by any other means, without prior written permission of Careerforce, PO Box 25 255, Christchurch, 8144, New Zealand.


Careerforce assessments are subject to copyright and are designed to be used in the format provided.

However, some organisations may wish to change the format, for example, when two assessments are assessed at one time.

Whilst this may be done, what is created is a new document, which is not a Careerforce document, and it will require moderating prior to being used.

Guidelines for organisations creating own assessments based on Careerforce’s trainee assessments

  1. Do not use Careerforce branding, i.e., Careerforce logo, Careerforce formatting. Instead, use the organisation’s document presentation styles, logos, colours, fonts, etc.
  1. Written acknowledgement must be given in the document, that the resource has been adapted from Careerforce material. For example:

‘This resource is the property of (name of organisation). It has been adapted from Careerforce material covering trainee assessment documents for unit standards (give the US numbers) in the (name of qualification) Level (#).’

  1. Acknowledge in writing, within the document, that the organisation is responsible for updating when changes to the assessment requirements occur. State that this includes changes to assessment questions resulting from sector feedback or version changes from the normal review process. For example:

‘(Name of organisation) will take responsibility for updating this document when changes to the assessment requirements for these unit standards occur. This includes monitoring the original documents on the Careerforce website for any changes to the assessment resulting from sector or other feedback, and monitoring changes to the unit standard version through the NZQA website.’

  1. Once completed, submit the new document to Careerforce’s National Moderator for pre-moderation. Prior to its use, submit to:

National Moderator

PO Box 2637

Wellington 6140

  1. Explain how this document is going to be submitted for post-assessment moderation, i.e., after being used as an assessment tool. For example:

‘This document includes the verification activities pages from a number of Careerforce Trainee Assessments. Once verification has been completed these pages are reunited with the trainee’s written answers pages. The entire booklet is then assessed. The entire booklet is therefore submitted for post-assessment moderation. ‘

  1. Where an organisation-specific assessment document groups two or more unit standard assessments together, the whole document needs to be presented at moderation even when only one of the unit standard assessments is being moderated.
  1. Please be aware that assessors should retain trainee assessments for a period of 12 months for post-assessment moderation so they can produce these if requested by the National Moderator.

Google Drive

While logged into your Google Drive via Aka Toi your files will be visible by you only and enable you to upload your Google Drive files into Aka Toi as needed.

General personal information collected on our websites

When you visit any Careerforce website we hold personal information about you for our own service and security reasons. AkaToi collects and processes your personal information and will always abide by our privacy statement above.

Legal basis for the use of personal data on AkaToi

If you have an AkaToi account, then your personal information will only be used to complete our contractual obligations to you as a user.

Data held by AkaToi

Data held by AkaToi includes your name, and email address, as well as your Careerforce information, such as your ID number, username, enrolment and record of learning. It may contain other user contributed information.

AkaToi logs contain detailed information about user activity within each course, including the date and time of when course-specific information was viewed and/or updated, the address of the machine from which the access was made, the browser identification information and information about the referring web page. Logs are used to create summary statistics which may be made internally available. Summary statistics do not include personal data.

AkaToi contains information relating to the courses, including contributions to chat rooms and discussion forums, ownership of resources, assignment/file submissions, text matching scores and evidence of participation in other activities.

Information and data related to users, including grades, feedback comments, scores, completion data, access rights and group membership is also recorded.

Additional personal data may be held within individual courses, either within resources uploaded to the course, or within activities within the course. Other than contributions to chat rooms and discussion forums which are submitted by individuals in a personal capacity, course maintainers are responsible for the information held about you that may be uploaded onto such courses.

How AkaToi uses your personal information

AkaToi records and uses personal information to:

  • provide the user with access to AkaToi
  • provide you with personalised access to resources, learning and assessments within AkaToi
  • allow the user to upload, edit and delete their own assessment work within AkaToi
  • grant the user access to specific courses and programs within AkaToi
  • support the user
  • report on course completion, user activity, activity completion, course data, enrolments and other pieces of data such as grades, scores, submissions and content reporting
  • provide statistics with the goal of improving AkaToi.

Individual courses within AkaToi may collect addition information to provide services to the user, support with course process and assist the user through the course.

Examples of this include, but are not limited to:

  • booking information
  • user feedback
  • data collection for the purposes of business processes
  • application information.

Where AkaToi information comes from

For all users, AkaToi records information is supplied by the user. This includes information entered into your profile and data automatically entered via Careerforce's Central Resource Management (CRM) system, iTOMIC. For example, username, ID number and enrolled NZQA standards.

As well as the information that you upload and submit, AkaToi also contains additional information.

What permissions are required for the Google integrations to work

In order for AkaToi and Google Drive to work seamlessly, you need to grant permission for Careerforce to:

  • see your Google Drive files
  • download files from your Google Drive
  • access the details of people you share Google Drive files with.

Who has access to AkaToi data

The AkaToi operational team at Careerforce has access to all information stored within Moodle for the purposes set out above.

All course administrators and maintainers have access to the personal information of the other users of that course.

Access to AkaToi logs is restricted to authorised staff and approved contractors with the exception of course-specific tracking data which is also made accessible to course maintainers where an appropriate course-specific privacy policy is in place.

Specific data may be passed onto out technical support team if there are any issues or security concerns.

Where AkaToi information is shared

AkaToi shares your personal information with other systems within Careerforce.

Certain data may be shared with NZQA as part of the process to receive accreditation. NZQA's policy can be found here:,Privacy,Act%201993%20(the%20Act).

AkaToi data retention

All information and data uploaded to Careerforce including resources, assessments, personal information and course specific information such as discussion forums and trainee-assessor interactions may be retained indefinitely.

Information from AkaToi is backed up and managed by the Careerforce IT team, the back-ups are held with the reason for testing improvements or new features with real data and in the event of a system failure.

How AkaToi support uses your information

If you use the service desk for support and/or help with a query, support staff may need to look into your data held on AkaToi. This may include assignment submission and personal information. 

In the process of support, staff may be required to log in using your accounts. You will not at any point be required to provide your password and logs will reflect that your account is being access by an approved admin. During this process staff will not upload, edit or delete any data without prior permission or after performing a back.

Support staff may ask you to replicate the issue in another course so that the issue can be confirmed and risk free testing can be undertaken. Data may be transferred to the new course in this case.

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